Animation Resources

Monkey Jam Resource

A review and sample video of MonjeyJam

MonkeyJam Turorials from Brickfilms- combining Lego and stopmotion animation!

How to make a puppet for claymation

Stop Moition Puppet Construction
How to Animate With Pivot Stickfigure Animator

Thinking animation- Heaps of resources!

Simple animation activities

Time Lapse Photography- great for studying change

Time lapse photography- a guide for students and teachers

Making animations using Lego. Boys especially will love this!

Toufee - Create and publish Flash movies

Toufee is the easiest, most powerful way to create and publish flash movies and presentations online. Toufee is freeware

Making Claymations

Note: This resources is avaliable through the ePotential Website. You will need you edumail details to access this resource.

A machinma tool for Unreal Tournament. Offers professional access to the game engine. Great results- for advanced users. Free download

The Movies

A sim game that teaches genre and film production. Also features machinima tools

Stop Motion Pro - Home

A dedicated stop motion program. Some great educational resources!

machinima workshop

ACMI's Machinima workshops with VELS domains

Futurelab - Resources - Publications, reports & articles - Web articles - Machinima and education

An article discusssing the uses and benifits of Machinima