Film and Video

Film and Video

Adobe Instructional Material- Lessons, Units, Ideas. A highly recommneded resource!

Wikiversity Film making course. A free course to skill you up in the area of film production

How to build a Green Screen. One way to build a portable greenscreen

Keepvid- download video from youtube etc Safe video for schools

Youtube in education

Some information drawing links between the use of youtube and the classroom. Contains MANY links divided into educational sectors

educationalsoftware " Film Techniques

A great website that has lots of resources on teaching kids using film- definately worth a good look!

Animoto - Automatically generate professionally produced videos

Windows Movie Maker: How to use

Windows Movie Maker Tutorial

Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

A range of resources and links on digital story telling. Good for those who want to use MS Photostory

The premier resource for 'film as text' lesson plans and units

ACMI learn= program

THe Australian Centre for the Moving image's education program

Digital Video in Education

A great site for the basics of using video in the classroom. Includes handy hints and guidelines as well as practical advice.

Microsoft Producer for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 SAVE

A free plug-in for powerpoint that allows multimodal presentations to be created- incorparating sound, HTML, poweroint, video and audio