Tools for Reading, Writing and Thinking
A website with a wealth of graphic organisers for activities ranging from Lit Circles to Character Studies

Web 2.0 for school libraries
LInks and ideas on how to use Web 2.0 technology in the library context

Shahi- A visual dictionary
An online dictionary that associates a picture with a word

A comprehensive online dictionary and more!

A comprehensive blog with many links and articles relevant to the literacy educator

100 Tips for using comics in the classroom
A website with links to activities which include the use of comics in the curriculum. A great resources to use in conjunction with ComicLife.

Graphic Novels in the Curriculum
This site focusses on comics and graphic novels as text and helps to take the mystery out of what is a complicated genre.

Skype an Author
A website that is focussed on bring authors into the classroom through Skype

Technology enhanced alternatives to book reports
Some great alternative to get students sharing their learning through books.

A great website to inspire students in their writing.